A pair of sunglasses help you to look more stylish


Sunglasses is the most popular item to get a smart look and also contribute to keep your eyes good. A person should consider few fact when he or she expect to choose a pair of sunglasses :

Your sunglasses must have a protection about ultraviolet radiation that help to save your eyes from sun damage. Go with the sunglasses that have 99-100 percent UV protection.

It’s important to choice a pair of sunglasses to look carefully what kind of face shape you have. You should buy sunglasses by your face shape. Square, triangular,round are some kind of face shape.

You should know about the most essential element for sunglasses that are lens and frame. Glass,durable lightweight plastic are kind of lens materials and plastic, base metals, aluminium are kind of frame materials.

Lens color is also important to select a pair of sunglasses. Brown, gray. Green, yellow, gold, amber, rose, black are type of lens color.

Frames should be light enough to control extra friction on contact point and fit properly on your nose & ears.

Make sure about the visible light transmission capacity on your sunglasses that is the amount of light reaches your eyes through your lens.

It’s perfect to wear sunglasses anytime when you go outside, although very essential specially in summer when you need to protect ultraviolet radiation.

You should wear sunglasses when you are in beach or near water or any kind of place where have chance to destroy your eyes by dust or insects. So you can enjoy along with protecting eye’s and feeling stylish by wearing sunglasses.

Sunglasses with a famous brand can really help you to look beautiful & smart and introduce myself to people’s as extra ordinary person.RayBan,Armani,Gucci,Jacob are some kind of brand for cute sunglasses.

Eyes are most valuable and center point of face. So wearing a pair of sunglasses make sure to keep your eyes healthy with a fashionable look.

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