Bangles are always in inn Fashion with different styles, loved by Girls


Bangles are a traditional piece of Jewellery carry by women all over the world. Bangles are not only popular in eastern, but are also popular in western countries.

Glass Bangles / Eid Bangles
In countries like Pakistan and india , females like to wear glass bangles special on some special occasions such as festival like Eid females are very excited to have bangle and they love to buy on Chand raat(one night before Eid). They like to have matching bangles with their dresses. In Pakistan people launch little stalls for selling bangles.

During eid days , some bangle lover can buy so much beautiful bangles to store in her collection.                 te
Matching bangles enhance beauty of dresses designs by Designers Inn Fashion Pakistan.
Gold Bangles
Normally gold bangles are used by married woman. In countries like Pakistan and India this is showed the symptom of married girl. In gold bangles there are many designs and styles. Some special work on bangles are very popular such as meena kaari, sprinkling and shimmering white stones, ruby stones, different colors stones white gold , antique finish.

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