Bold this summer with Orange lips


It’s hot hot sun shining out there but don’t you wanna look hotter than the sun this summer! If yes then experiment with this newest color hitting the magical world of cosmetics! The orange lipstick!

With all the glamour, chic, fun and fresh appeal,orange is the newest trend to pop up this summer. Plus with an array of flattering shades available in this color including rusty gold and red, you have got a lot of options to experiment with.
You can experiment with a number of options ranging from a matte velvety orange, for a chic yet really bold appeal to orange-kissed glowing lips for a fresh and youthful look. But whatever the shade is, it’s totally fun, flirty and obviously a style statement this summer.
You can flaunt your citrus enriched lips with different shades of white, grey, mint, peach and all the ice cream shades to contrast them perfectly with bright lips. Wear black with orange lips at a night party and make an extra hot fashion statement.
The fun thing about orange lips is that they instantly warm up your feature by giving you a kinky twist but as long as you are not afraid to go bold. But do remember, when you go for orange lips, avoid using extra cosmetics on any other area of your skin, just keep the focus on orange lips and give a subtle touch of mascara and blush-on for a perfectly charming look.

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