Celebrations and festivals Of Bangladeshi Tribal

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 Celebrations and festivals most tribes have festivities which include dancing and singing. Most of these testivals take place after the consumption of alcoholic beverages. A very popular festival of the manipuris is a type of gopi dance celebrating the love of radha and krishna. In spring, manipuris, santals and oraons celebrate holi when they drench each other with colour. The oraons count their year from the month of falgun. Young oraon men and women celebrate the first night of the year dancing around a fire. Drums, cymbals and flute provide the music.

Most religious rites and festivities of the manipuris and the garos are based on the seasons of the year. For a whole month, starting with the midnight of the holi full moon, young manipuri men and women dance in the open.


They also celebrate the rice harvest through singing contests. The youths and maidens of the malpahari tribe also spend the night in festivities, singing, dancing, and consuming alcohol. Santals celebrate the harvest or sahrai festival for three to four days. Like the manipuris, young santal men and women dance and sing to the accompaniment of cymbals and flute. Like manipuri and santal youths, garo ones also sing and dance collectively at the oyanggala festival, which is connected with sowing of seeds and harvesting of crops. These celebrations take place at night when the young garo men and women drink and dance. Buffalo horns are blown on the occasion. As night advances, the music and dancing become wilder, as alcohol is consumed freely. The wild dancing at garo oyamgala is intended to appease evil spirits. Food is also offered to the spirits then. The maghs spend the first three days of the maghi year singing, dancing and drinking.

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