Cute hair style completely change your fashion


To keep fit your hair is very essential for getting a smart look for both of men’s and women’s. You have to be careful and take some step about your hair.The short details about how to look good your hair:            
First of all look carefully what shape have in your face. The shape of your face will help you to consider what hairstyle is best suited to you. You should go with that style.For example, if your face is round then cut your hair with layers. Round,Square,long are few types of face

If you need any exceptional touch of glamour for any special occasion then you can try some hair accessories as like hair comb, barrettes, french pins, hair pins, hair magnets etc. Even you can get fashionable look on your hair by coloring your hair as brown, red or blonde.

Try to trim regular your hair for growing long hair and getting a healthy hair. Normally hair grow more quickly in summer than winter. Some normal household ingredients can help to get your hair a deep moisturizing treatment by applying on scalp  as like olive oil, coconut oil,almond oil, lime juice etc. Mix & apply on scalp vinegar and water that can help to remove dandruff.

At least five litter water in a day require to drink for keeping your hair well. High protein food items as like meat, fish, egg, cheese and nut are very helpful to keep your hair fit and cool. Over brushing & washing, sun damage, and salt water are some kind of way to damage your hair. so be aware about it.

Straight hair is more fashionable and easy to style. Straightening iron or hair dryer can be the great way to make your hair well straight as you expect. One the other hand curly hair needs some additional care to keep fit. Sometimes curly hair is really good to look with some kind of people’s.

Cool hair is a sign of beauty. So everybody should try to protect their hair before damaging because its not any electronic element that possible to repair.

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