Dhaka Eden College Girls Are Aware About Their Fashion


It originated from a school for “Eden Brahmo Girls girls’ founded by a philanthropic society in Dhaka in 1873, the school was started in a private home in Farashganj. In 1878, the school merged with another private girls’ school to form Dhaka Female School.

The same year, the school board took the initiative by the government to set up management and proposed called Eden School Girls’ after the Lieutenant Governor Sir Ashley Eden. Given its new status, which began operating in a new location in Laxmibazar.

Eden was the first school for girls in Bengal Government. In 1896-1897 there were 130 students. Mid-level classes (XI and XII) were introduced in the school in 1926. Since then, he called Eden High School Girls’ and Middle School. A. K. Fazlul Huq, Minister of Education, the school moved to a new building of Abdul Ghani Road, later known as Eden Building.
 In 1947, the government decided to establish the provincial secretariat for this building and the school has a temporary address of a part of Curzon Hall.
Hopping puts college in a precarious situation. With the intention to merge with Quamrunnesa School and College (photo below), moved to the premises of the latest in Tikatuli. In 1948, the university sectors of these two institutions merged to form.
 To Eden Girls College ‘The new school is located in Bakshibazar in 1948. School sections of the two schools merged to form Quamrunnesa in Tikatuli School.


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