Dresses Of Bangladeshi Tribal

tribal dress1

Dresses the men of oraon and many other tribes commonly wear dhutis and their women wear saris. There was a time when some tribes used to wear tree leaves to cover the lower part of the body.

tribal+dressThe garos used to wear barks of trees, which had been pounded and softened to resemble thin cloth. Lower-class garos still wear nengti or a tiny piece of cloth which merely cover the genitals. Some tribes living in the deep forests of the chittagong hill tracts still wear tree leaves as their only dress. Santal dresses are called panchi, panchatat and matha. The main dress of the chakmas is the lungi, worn with a shirt. Their women wear a red and black sarong, called pindhan, plus a blouse called silum. Magh women cover their body from chest to knees with a thami (sarong) over a full-sleeved blouse.

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