Dressing not only a fact to decorate a body but also a part of life


To achieve a perfect look, you’ll need to worry about many things such as dress, sun-glass, purse/clutch, hair accessories, shoes and jewelry. But you should remember that the dress is always highlight the main event.Here are some minor details about dress:

Generally dressing vary by age,every community of people’s from kid’s to older expect to get fashionable by dressing but it’s more important for matured peoples who really think about style.

The main factor is suit for clothing forever. Be sure to try on much of dresses – even those that don’t seem to be something that you would wear or love. Dressing looks totally different on the showroom hanger than on your body! Sometimes, you may choose tangerine-colored, satin, skinny-strapped gown which are actually your unusual color or cut.

Your overall look  effect your personal fashion.It doesn’t matter what type of clothes you are wearing but fact is how much acceptable your overall look by this wearing.I think you know better about yourself what is nice for you.if you think you look good in short as a women then go with kind of skirt or sexy short and if you think you are not good with covered arms then go with sleeveless or short sleeve.If you think tailored clothes is well for you as a men then cut your clothes with tailor and if you look good with jeans with t-shirt or polo shirt then go with that.just give priority to your look on wearing.

Certainly an essential factor for your dress is color. A great choice may be the black – very chic & sophisticated.pink is a famous color specially fro women’s clothing.Display your patriotism in a red dress . You should also consider about time & weather. In summer day, light color with soft fabrics may be stylish & comfortable as well. Some bright color may be best for night. Choose white may not good in windy weather. Separation color is always a good option for clothing. For example, a Tailored white shirt with a tailored black pant could  attract peoples about your wearing.

Forever try to stay away from overdoing it whether you men or women. Over sized prints, a sparkling dress will all damage your perfect look that you not expect. Cover up with a little feminine cardigan or type of clothes with long sleeve if you are little bit worry about showing your arms.

I think as a citizen of globalization world,you should agree as well that Dressing not only a fact to decorate your body, it’s also a great part of life

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