Gold is best choice to decorate women’s body


To decorate a women’s body perfectly, no option to wear jewelry where gold can keep essential role. Gold is a dense, shiny and soft metal which is very precious that valued by clarity, carat, color and cut.It is possible to make many kind of ornament by gold including necklace, ring, chain, ear hooks, tikli, waist chain, anklets etc.


There are many country producing gold around the world.The producer country of gold by rank are China, Australia, South Africa, U.S.A. Russia and few more..

Gold has a special capacity to maintain without oxidizing in water or air. It also has a glassy yellow color that really shine with sunlight or any kind of light with attractive look.

Carat is most important to identify the pure gold. Generally pure gold is designated as 24 carat gold which is most popular and precious.

Women’s love to wear jewelry making by gold not only in special occasion as like marriage ceremony , also like to wear it normally.

One the other hand, most of the women’s inspire to build their ornaments by gold because of it longer lasting that never damage and a asset as well.

In fact, a nice piece of jewelry made by gold is really able to increase the beauty of women’s body.
More image about gold ornaments :


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