Have to be fashionable in love to introduce myself as better lover


Love is forever & extreme precious fact for every community of people’s all over the world. Love come from emotion and be strong with trust, dedication, caring, help, sharing and many more where very important to handle this kind of love elements with style to be better in love. For example, a boy & a girl who love each other passing time in beach or park or anywhere; boy can see his girlfriend talking with other boy who is just friend of her; lover should take it easy to leave jealous feeling to increase trust in love. This is call fashion in love I think

Don’t try to tell lie with your lover even a difficult thing you did before as like you had x-lover. I think he/she will consider it positively and love you more to tell about truth. Share your enjoy, pain and difficulty with your lover and be careful for your lover choose about what type of food he/she like to eat, what kind of clothes or jewelry he/she like to wear. For example, your lover wear a dress that you should love or if you think that the dress is not in trend then don’t say it directly, just discuss with him with a loving face as like dear honey you look good in yellow but I think white would be amazing for you. Then your lover will surely try to wear that one from next I think. This is call style in love.

Dedicate your time, money, even life in situation for your lover. As example, visit some nice place with together that your lover may like by convincing time although it’s some difficult for your business or job. Don’t forget to give a special gift to your lover in particular day as like birthday or marriage anniversary. Every human love his/her own life so far but you have to dedicate your own life as well to protect your lover in situation as like you & your lover standing on 100 floor building roof and your lover saying that you have to jump from the roof. will you jump? I will say definitely not because there is no reason. Yes you have to jump when you see a bus going to stuck your lover during passing road although you may have chance to go under the bus as well. This is call fashion in love I think.

Mind it forever if your lover will leave you then it will be your own fault as like I think as a boy if I live with a girl through marriage more than 3o days then she will decide to live with me forever, if a girl love me for once then she will never love other boy to leave me because of my love. This is call style in love I think

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