How To Girls Attract Boys


How to attract Boys is one of the trickiest questions for Girls so far. The mysticism attached with the daughters of eve has kept men on their toes since the inception of life. Not to worry, as here we are to unravel the mystery and to tell you the secrets of the heart. To your surprise and amazement, it does not require much from the girls side, to attract a boy. Though boys seem to be complex and difficult to handle, the reality is a little different, once you get into the details. Given below are some tips and ways that tell you how to attract boys.

Tips & Ways for Attracting Boys

  •     Boys crave for attention and it is the best way to make them feel wanted. However, it is better to tell her about the attention you feel like giving to her, than doing the same in practice. This will prevent you from going overboard and killing her space.
  •     Humor is a sure shot way to get to her heart. A funny guy is noticed and liked by every girl. So if you are able to tickle her funny bone, you will go a long way.
  •     Adventure is the next thing girls love the most. Keeping their pulse racing is what gives them a high. If you want to attract her, invite her for an adventure sports meet and see her go gaga over you.
  •     Being romantic is the basic requirement for attracting a girl. However, the romance element should make the girl feel special, rather than portraying you as a leech. Don’t go overboard.
  •     Being creative also attracts girls. If you have any such skill, like writing poetry, telling interesting stories or emotional interpretations, make sure you exhibit it in front of her or try and make her a part of it.
  •     Women are usually attracted towards men, who are unpredictably predictable.
  •     Being confident is very necessary to attract. Maintain eye contact while talking to her.
  •     Be yourself and don’t pretend. This will enable you to be comfortable in her company.

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