Polo shirt, The most popular wearing for both of male and female


Every people’s for both male and female love to wear polo-shirt as a popular trend all over the world. Polo shirt is a t-shaped shirt where have collar, placket and two or three buttons even more buttons. It’s possible to make from woven cloth although knitted cloth is better for polo shirt.

It’s available for both long and short sleeve because people’s love to wear long in winter but short sleeve is perfect for summer season. It would not be ugly match if you wear polo shirt with normal pant or trouser type pant but wearing polo shirt with jeans would be a perfect match that really able to fill your expectation about wearing.

Two type of polo shirt are most famous to people’s that is plain and striped although in recent time there are many type of polo shirt are producing as people’s demand as like print, multi buttons, multi pockets in polo shirt etc. Casual and decent people’s love to wear plain or striped type of polo shirt where polo shirt with different kind of print, buttons, pocket’s that love to wear a community of people’s who expect to introduce myself as fancy type of person.

Purchase polo shirt with your own size that suit you better that very important to choose a polo shirt to wear. For example your body is appropriate for M size where you should not go with L size. Remember, polo shirt is better as tight fitting more than loose fitting.

Color is an essential fact to choose polo shirt. White, green, blue, black, violet are more perfect than yellow, red or orange. Try to buy your polo with some famous kind of brand as like Lacoste, Ralph lauren, Ferrari, puma,diesel etc from where you can make sure about the quality of cloth.

Almost every community of people’s all over the world from kid’s to older love to wear polo shirt with enjoy for joining party, date, sport or regular use

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