Popular BD Hot Actress Afsana Ara Bindu Latest HD Photos Collection 2014-2015 With Short Biography

Popular+BD+Hot+Actress+Afsana+Ara+Bindu+Latest+HD+Photos+Collection+2014 2015007

Afsana Ara Bindu (Bengali: আফসান আরা বিন্দু) is a Bangladeshi model and actress. She came to notice as one of the top three contestants in Lux-Channel I Superstar 2006 Award (the other two were Mom and Badhon) and secured the first runners up position.

Born         Afsana Ara Bindu,Bangladesh
Occupation     actress, model
Years active     2006–present
Height         5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)

Popular+BD+Hot+Actress+Afsana+Ara+Bindu+Latest+HD+Photos+Collection+2014 2015001

Popular+BD+Hot+Actress+Afsana+Ara+Bindu+Latest+HD+Photos+Collection+2014 2015002

Popular+BD+Hot+Actress+Afsana+Ara+Bindu+Latest+HD+Photos+Collection+2014 2015003

Popular+BD+Hot+Actress+Afsana+Ara+Bindu+Latest+HD+Photos+Collection+2014 2015004

Popular+BD+Hot+Actress+Afsana+Ara+Bindu+Latest+HD+Photos+Collection+2014 2015005

Popular+BD+Hot+Actress+Afsana+Ara+Bindu+Latest+HD+Photos+Collection+2014 2015006

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