Type of fashion Bangladeshi people’s like


Bangladesh is a country situated in Asia just side of India.People’s of here love to go with kind of fashion which are most recent.


Most of the women’s love to wear a type of dresses not only for regular use but also for office, party or other’s occasion which is known as three piece that’s normally not wear in Europe or USA.Three piece mean three part of a dress which are known as 1.salwar(bottom part of set), 2.kameez(top part of set) and 3. dupatta(a scarf that aid to cover face,hair and chest for modesty). Three piece is very popular item that available as different kind of print, paint with different kind of fabrics.Bangladeshi women’s also like to wear sari to face kind of party and occasion as like weeding.One the other hand grown women’s love to wear sari for regular use.It’s a traditional dress of Bangladeshi women’s as well.

Men’s  love to wear  kind of casual shirts with normal pants,polo shirt with jeans.They also go with suit and blazer for official wearing and joining party.One of the special dress
for men’s  that  normally they wear in home which is known as Lungi. It’s a traditional dress for men’s.Beside’s grown men’s love to wear this kind of dress for regular use as well.Bangladeshi Mushlim men’s also love to wear Punjabi in marriage ceremony and different religious occasion such as Eid-ul fitre, Eid-ul-Azha, Jumah  Mubarok etc.

The most important community is young and teen.Female’s are normally like to wear three piece but some young and teen girl’s like to wear kind of fancy t-shirt with jeans who live in urban area.Male’s decorate their fashion wardrobe by collecting different kind of t-shirt and stylish jeans with recent appeal.They also wear type of stylish coat in winter.

Bangladeshi celebrity

Kid’s clothes also important in Bangladesh.female Kid’s love to wear varies kind of skirt,lahenga. They also like to wear t-shirt with jeans.Male kids love to wear jeans with t-shirt or kind of designing shirt

Now Girls also like to wear Jeans, Short pant, Short Skirt And Tops………….



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