U.S.A Fashion trends


Fashion is a essential part of human life.It’s not suitable for a definite person,community or a country.every people’s of world expect to take the taste of fashion,doesn’t matter about men’s,women’s,kids or grown.But trends of fashion may different for community,culture or country.

U.S.A fashion trends some different from others country because of their culture,taste and economic capacity.The country is economically very strong so they can afford expense more than other community to get fashionable myself.Sometimes people’s around the world follow some fashion trends of American.They are open minded,prefer to be hot as stylish.

Most of Women’s of U.S.A. love to wear kind of short  with t-shirt and tank top in many place even for regular use to introduce myself as a fashionable person.girls also love to get hot by wearing short with t-shirt or tank top.Jeans is a very popular dress  for both of girls and women’s even,kids or grown.Women’s also love to face their official work with style by wearing kind of blazer with suit pant.

Casual men’s of American like tailored clothes more as office wear or for regular use.It’ almost impossible to join office for men without wearing blazer with pant,also important to face party as like marriage ceremony.Men’s also love to wear jeans with t-shirt,polo shirt as regular use or other occasion. Kids and adult boys wear jeans with t-shirt not only in regular use but also wear in many places.

American people’s not only depend on wearing clothes to get stylish they also love to wear ornament,sunglasses,belt and many other fashion accessories.Wearing a pair of sunglasses is a common trends for U.S.A people’s.Almost every women’s of U.S.A keep a piece of vanity bag or purse on their neck or hand specially when they are out,not only for requirement its a part of fashion as well.Men’s use gel to style hair,wear bracelet to decorate hand.

U.S.A. people’s also love to wear kind of jewelry on their body to face party or for regular use but they normally wear jewelry made from diamond or pearl more than gold where Asian people’s love to wear jewelry made from gold more than diamond or pearl.For example,in a marriage ceremony a U.S.A bride will take her wedding ring that made by diamond where a Indian or Bengali bride will go with gold making wedding ring.

In fact it’s a short details of American fashion trends to give people’s around the world about a basic concept for a country fashion trends.

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