Well suited pair of shoes increase your confidence more on style


You have to make sure to get fashionable entirely about every part of your body from foot to head. Without wearing a well suited pair of shoes your style can remain out of expectation.

Shoe is a footwear item that protect from sharp rocks or hot ground and provide comfort of human foot with a smart style. There are many kind of shoes design available in market that can vary by style and cost.High fashion shoes made by expensive materials that is more valuable than simple style shoes made by normal materials. Generally known as materials of shoes are leather,canvas or wood although rubber and plastic also good materials of shoes.

Two main part of shoes are sole and upper. Sole is the bottom part of shoes that contact with ground. Sole made by leather,rubber,wood,synthetics,plastic or combination of these materials that can be simple or multiple layers. Other part of shoes is upper that hold the shoes onto foot that made by soft materials than sole. Upper part is normally decorated carefully to look fashionable in a particular style.

To get a special appearance on shoes, the upper are finished well with super polish and the sole are polish by wax. Besides, polish is very important to protect the shoes from water or harmful element.

Casual shoes,Athletic shoes,running shoes, sports shoes, heels are few common kind of shoes that are available around you on shoe stores and you can also choose from online where have various kind of stylish shoes with various design. You have a clever choice to purchase a shoe that is collect a shoe with a popular brand such as Nine west, Diesel,Puma, Nike,Reebok  etc

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