What type of seating you like?

fashion+boy 001

To show smartness yourself, it’s very important to be careful when you seat any place whether it is public place or party or anywhere.


It’s a type of seating style that adult people’s normally love to seat as like this.

fashion+boy 002

Most of the people’s all over the world from kids to older like to seat as leg over leg because people’s feel stylish myself by seating like this.

fashion+boy 004

people’s express style casually during seating when they join party or any social events.

fashion+boy 003

They have seated very well with style.They have seated very close but doesn’t showing any disorder to seat.everything is fine into their seating that really important to be fashionable.


The girl have shown clear smartness by his seating.looking well with a smiling face,using chair to keep hand,another hand over hand,really awesome to look

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